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I'm a proven leader who thrives in dynamic and innovative environments with the intellectual agility to prioritize and make decisions in challenging, difficult situations. I have years of consistent success aligning technology investments with strategic goals positioning organizations for a competitive advantage. I've got a solid track record of building teams, growing revenue, and working closely with business segment leaders. I collaborate within all levels of an organization, developing strong relationships with business clients, IT partners and vendors to ensure long-term success.

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Axiom (Wall-E / EVE) Project

This is the strategic planning tool that creates the ABC Network Prime Time lineup. It is the foundation that ABC Sales uses to sell advertising space on our Network. The system is also used as an Operational scheduling system for day to day detailed scheduling of the full 52 week calendar.

NGRD Project

The Next Generation Reporting & Data (NGRD) Project is a major initiative to build and establish an enterprise-wide reporting and data platform for all of Disney ABC Television Group. This is a phased approach to ultimately migrate current reporting systems onto the Amazon Web Services platform as well as create a unified reporting portal. The program will create a hybrid cloud-based (AWS) and on-premise reporting/data platform that will consolidate current reporting portals into one flexible, extensible portal that enables back-end data sources to easily connect with front end reporting tools such as Microsoft SSRS, Power BI, Tableau and Amazon Quicksight.

C3PO Project

Credits, Creation, Consolidation, and Composition (C3PO) will streamline work flows between post production business units as well as centralize the episodic television credits in a single source system.


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